Mission Statement

The primary goal of the Claremont-Elmwood Neighborhood Association (CENA) is to make our neighborhood a safe and desirable place to live, and to keep our residents informed about important issues in the City and the neighborhood. We monitor traffic and transportation, crime and public safety, emergency preparedness, open space, the local business environment, city planning and the University of California's impact on our community, and we interface with other neighborhood associations. CENA is a forum where neighbors can discuss issues of concern with their neighbors. 

CENA has led the fight for balanced development, for getting City Hall to address traffic problems on residential streets, for preserving parkland and open space, and protecting local neighborhood merchants. We have spearheaded these battles and we have won many of them. CENA wins them with diplomacy and new ideas. We understand that change is going to happen, but we try to preserve the best aspects of our neighborhood that drew us to live here in the first place. 

CENA functions as a research and opinion arm to support our District 8 Council person. We regularly communicate with our CENA constituency with a biannual newsletter, e-mails about important events, and usually hold two membership meetings annually. With over 800 members, CENA is the largest neighborhood association in Berkeley. This strong membership gives us greater impact and strengthens our voice in solving neighborhood concerns. 

The meetings of our board of directors occur every other month and are open to all CENA neighbors. If you would like to attend, or have something you would like to discuss, please e-mail [email protected] or send a note to: 
CENA, P. O. Box 5108, Berkeley, CA 94705.

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